Design Duration: 08/2016 -05/2017
Scheme Area: 8 hectare 
Gross Area: 17,000㎡
Category: Cultural&Tourism
Location: Dali, Yunnan

Da Li Zhaofeng island is the biggest island in the three ER Hai islands, where is also the destination which have to visit once travel to YunNan. The previous old hotel was used as the holiday palace for empire Zhao in 19th centry. All facilities have been used over 30 years, for providing better holiday experience, hotel decides to reconstruct. Therefore we started to overhaul the whole island include landscape,architecture,programme, and interior etc. 
The whole island is 8000㎡ in total, includes resort, villa, gallery, sky garden, sea-view restaurant and amenities. It will be the biggest boutique resort around the Shuang Lang town once it finished. Meanwhile it will promote the domestic tourist industry on higher level. 
Inspired by dali incredible view- surrounded clouds, the project takes concept from it, which also symbolizes the Chinese Taoism and nature. 
As our founder Liu said: “I hope this place is not only a piece of symbolic cloud floats on Er Hai, but also an escaping haven where urbanites are expecting. ”