Design Duration:12/2017 -
Scheme Area: 24,000㎡
Gross Area: 8000㎡
Category: Cultural & Tourism
Location: Samcheok , Korea

CAA reveals their latest concept project, ‘Wandering in the clouds.’ 
Inspired by Taoist concept of ‘Yi,’ The project is illustrated as a metaphorical ‘cloud,’ which surrounds the mystical mount Yukyang in Samcheok city.  The Architecture is stimulated by the cloud forms depicted in east Asian ancient fine art and is manifested as a series of bridges and buildings that embrace a sacred mountain within. 
The design program includes museum facilities, a culture and arts village, as well as the remembrance and memorial gardens. Once these elements are combined together, they create a figurative place of culture and nature, which draw historical and symbolic reference from the city to embody the eastern spirit of General Yisabu, whom the museum and memorial park is dedicated to.
Yisabu memorial park is located to the South-East of Samcheock, the capital of Gangwon-do in South Korea. This is preferred location as an entrance to South Korea, in order welcome people from around world. Furthermore, Yisabu memorial gardens as a belt anchors Dokdo and its affiliated islands to the peninsula of Korea.