Design Date: 12/2017
Completion Date:08/2018
Category: Commercial
Location: World trade center III, Beijing

Golden flowing river contrast with soft misty clouds located at Beijing world trade center, a hair salon- MQ studio has been designed by CAA at the end of August this year.
Moving Closer to this area, cloud images is saw layering onto the glass walls which envelop the whole space. The images, are in its way reflected into the interior by viewing through outside to inside .
Rising from clouds, the golden ceiling provides visitors a great visual experience when they pass by, consequently attracting people come inside and enjoy this clouds-surrounded, sky flowing wonderland.
Inside the space, the shimmering ceiling is lifted out of clouds, flow as river slowly to the distance. it trickles down at some places to the ground then form as functional mirror desk. combination for look and function is designed perfectly. The clouds, as a media that transfers people from the second dimension to the third,  a surreal utopia is made.
Any space should not only design for the ceritain group people, it should be endowed
——Liu Haowei