Design Duration:02/2018 -
Scheme Area: 6 hectares
Gross Area: 102,000 sqm
Category: Tourism& Commercial
Location: Hurumale, Maldives

In April of this year, the concept of “Vitalizing Architecture”, led by CAA founder Liu Haowei stood out in the competition of “Maldives Airport, Economic Zone Development,” and won the first prize. Afterwards, it will become a figurative landmark for the country of the Maldives. As the world largest archipelago country, the Maldives are famously known as the “Paradise on Earth”, which is named after its jewel-like form that lie on the Ocean’s surface.
The project is named “Ocean’s heaven” from both its feature of ecological energy supplies and the concept of ocean and city harmonization. 
When talking about the concept, founder Liu says; ‘When facing the Indian ocean, I can feel the power under its peaceful surface, but it is hard to imagine how great it was to be able to create the life, which became the inspiration to me to create this ocean wonderland.’