Design Date: March. 2016
Completion Date:November. 2016
Project Type: Renovation
Area: 90 m2
Location: Beijing, China

The project is situated at the main house in Qingping Hutong, Beijing; known locally as a da-za-yuan, which translates as "big messy courtyard shared by several houses". The owner’s parents both live in the property, suffer from Alzheimer disease, which their mother being wheelchair bound. This meant that keeping the traditional Chinese courtyard house, exploring the concept of co-living between the young and elderly, and designing a comfortable home.
The plan was to construct an additional steel roof at the base whilst keeping the hutongs original wooden structure - with the new steel structure expanding the living space by allowing for a second floor. The architects resolved common poor lighting conditions found in traditional hutongs by increasing the size of the windows on the facade, incorporating louvers into staircases, and implementing a playful circular sky light into the kitchen. 
These design features not only add character to the new home, but allows for light to pour into the interior spaces from all angles.