Design Date: Sept. 2015
Completion Date: Feb. 2016
Project Type: Office
Area: 300㎡
Location: Beijing, China

Yao Chen is a Chinese actress, named as a “Angelina Jolie” of China. CAA was tasked to design her personal office. The main concept of this interior design project is to somehow capture the elegant and immaculate feeling of Yao Chen itself and bring it into her office studio. By using curving wall curtain all along the interior, this studio brings the smoothness, elegant,continuity feeling to the space. 
In addition, feminine color accent orange was also added into the main area of this office the area of this office is not huge, so we tried to make the space very organized and as effective as possible with a main meeting room as a focal point of the general space including manager and also Yao Chen itself. Small VIP waiting room was also added for very important guess such as Yao Chen relatives and family member.
Another important point in this meeting room is that it needs to be sound proof, so we use special material wall cover and sound proof glass in this area. The whole space of the studio, with a meeting room in the center as a main focal point. From the diagram, the final design really captures the main concept of this project by using continuous curvy and elegant lines.