Design Duration: 2014/12 — 2015/04
Expected Competition: 2017
Category: Cultural
Location: Weifang, Shangdong

This Art Museum locates at cross point of mainriver route and main road which is a triangle shaped slope landscape. It functions as auctions, exhibitions, collections of art works,etc The major space is for art museum display and collections.
The inspiration is from traditional Chinese culture, originating in calligraphy form when the last drawing is gradually closing.

Meanwhile , it refers to Tai Chi “Ying” and “Yang”,differ but mingle. It breaks the rule that traditional building’s wall and roof are strictly different parts. Making use of the gradient , blurred ground and level. With grasses , it lets the environment extend on to the building.
People can follow the slope covered by grass to the top of the building, making the whole building a sightseeing platform. High virescence roof top is also a public space. 
On the roof it has an entrance which enable people to get in and also from inside to the top.
The façade of thebuilding is a chamfer of several straight lines. Curved surface is like the wings of an airplane ,leading the air flow, making the best of air circulation system. Half-enclosed plaza derives from court yard from south of China,forming the public space, but still keeping its privacy.