Zhonghuan Plaza Art Center published in CASE DA ABITARE

Mr. Liu Haowei led CAA successfully completed the design of the new building monomer . This is a landmark commercial real estate project to build the sales center, located in the heart of the city of Shijiazhuang. After completion,its sales functions will evolve into an arts center. He stressed that "the role of architecture in the city" ,and this concept is perfect applicated in thsi project. Single building was originally a mediocre steel body mass, but was given a new space concept, which evolved into a rich and varied amount of tension in the body, making it have impact on the surrounding environment and become a city topic. The angle of every board and the space between the plates is different, so that construction can become a variability and extended to the multi-dimensional organism. Mr.Liu made the original ordinary single building volume change into a new space language and feelings.This design becomes the city center and impact on the surrounding environment.