Liu Haowei,60’s surrealism parlour

Liuhao Wei and "Better Homes" magazine as well as senior art investment advisors in a virtual space to create a surreal fantasy living room. Which encompasses Europe's top contemporary designer furniture single product, Chinese artists Tan Ping, Teng Fei Sui Jianguo, personal latest artwork, China's top original furniture brand "ACF" as well as pure handmade art carpet "Carpet weaving words" and so on . "Better Homes" magazine is a high-end crowd specifically tailored for the Chinese authoritative magazine home life, the Liuhao Wei led a high-end custom home CAA CAA HOME product line together with them, a large-scale change in the past and return to the architectural style nature of life in all its details. 40 square meters of space, the Liuhao Wei on every item carefully to control and selection, the use of surreal mix of ideas, so that they tell a wonderful story, like a return to the past to create a future psychedelic space to fly.