About CAA

CAA architects is an architectural design firm that is involved in all aspects of design from urban planning, architecture, interior design, product design, art installation, and more. They are passionate about merging architecture and art together to redefine how the two disciplines can impact cities in the digital/technological age while also generating social and economical value.

CAA was founded by Liu Haowei in 2006 with the idea of ‘Designing for Tomorrow’. Although its headquarter is located in Beijing, it is composed of architects and designers with rich experiences from all over the world. They combine futuristic thinking and oriental spirit together to realize various projects on a global scale.

Some of the more prominent projects that are either ongoing or completed include a large private residence in Beverly Hills in 2008; the interior space of the first Shanghai-Beijing high-speed rail that was later renowned as “the country’s business card in 2009; 2012’s charity work for Yanran Angel Children’s Hospital; Dali Nanzhao Folklore island tourist center in 2016; Yisabu Doko Memorial Park in South Korea, as well as the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts’ Qingdao campus in 2017; and the Maldives Airport Economic Zone in 2018. In 2020, CAA won the competition for the right to design ‘Beijing Cooperative Innovation Park’, a preeminent Science and Technology Park.

CAA’s works have been reported by over 100 professional media outlets and have won many international awards including the German National Design Award (2019), the US International Design Silver Award (2018), United Kingdom’s Dezeen Design Award (2018), the DFA Asian Impact Design Award (2017), two consecutive AD100’s Most impactful Architect Awards (2013,2015), the ‘Best Commercial Interior Space’ Award and so on.